All-of-Life Discipleship Institute

All-of-Life Discipleship Institute consists of topical-based classes offered on Sunday mornings. These classes are designed to you help in the pursuit of learning and living the Gospel in every relationship. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the class that would be most beneficial to you and your spiritual growth. See the course descriptions.

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Spring’ 18 Course Descriptions

Declared Righteous!
Dan Waterman

This course is designed to be an in-depth study of the doctrine of justification. Primarily utilizing R.C. Sproul’s video series “Justified by Faith Alone,” we will consider the history and contemporary relevance of this critical doctrine. Using study guides and an informal, discussion-style setting, we will seek the Scriptures to answer the eternally crucial question, “What must I do to be saved?” Come and (re)discover the wonderful joy of our union with Christ through faith alone.

The Answer For True Peace
Ricky Whitmire

What do you have in common with a wealthy merchant, a slave, and a jailer? You may say nothing! However, as human beings, you have much in common! We all long and search for joy, fellowship, peace, and love. We will learn that the source of these desires and more is Jesus Christ, the one who has been highly exalted by God and given the name above all other names! Join us as we explore the epistle to the Philippians!

Biblical Principles for Healthier Relationships- Dean Ressler

Each of us daily navigate the waters of interpersonal relationships—at home, school, work, neighborhood, sports, etc. The waters may be glassy calm or rough and stormy. We may even find ourselves sinking in situations that are not of our own making.
The Bible provides much instruction about our interaction with people. In this class we will seek to discover basic principles to navigate these sometimes treacherous waters.

Preparation for Parenting and Toddler Transitions – Jon and Simona King

You’re having a baby! It’s reality check time! Parenting is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding jobs in the world, right? Well, good news: You don’t have to wing it. You can parent responsibly and have peace of mind while you do it.
In collaboration with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo’s “Growing Kids” curriculum, we will give biblical insight to the complexity of parenting an infant and explore some strategies that are helpful during the toddlerhood transition.


Walking with the Son of Man –
John Colabroy

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to walk alongside Jesus? This course will explore his human life which includes facets such as his personality, his interactions, and how he handled people and their unique situations. To know Jesus fully, we must not only understand his deity (as vital as this is), but also his humanity. Come walk with us as we get to know the Son of Man as his first disciples did!